Hi there, I'm Miles!

Welcome to a small corner of the internet which I claimed for my own.


A short while ago in a town not so far away...

   There were a series of improbable and unfortunate events. For instance, In a strange twist of chance I was nearly born in a Toledo Ohio Wendy's in 1995. However, my stay in Ohio ended at the turn of the century. Interestingly enough I found myself in the pleasantly small towns of Maine. Where in I have lived more or less happily ever since. 

   During my time here I have acquired  a myriad of skills, hobbies, and jobs. In any given week I will bounce between my hobbies and 3 jobs all of which I enjoy thoroughly. I would like to believe that by sharing information, thoughts, and images I can express myself and my time adequately to the world.

   It happens that all the information contained within the confines of the next few pages results from my life experiences since the year 2000. Anything here not designed by me directly will be hyperlinked to the official owner's of the artwork, game, or otherwise delightful individuals responsible. I encourage you to endorse and support them.